Hi! Welcome to Leuna Botanicals. I'm Barbara, the founder, and I am so glad you are here.

Leuna Botanicals is a business that specializes in formulating clean and safe body care for all skin types and skin needs. We have consciously curated an indulgent skin and body care experience that blends natural ingredients with effective formulas to nourish your body and spirit.

What does Leuna mean? Leuna means "gentle." I chose Leuna as a reflection of our brand values - mindful, intentional body care.

I started this business on my quest to find a gentler body cleanser for my family's dry and sensitive skin condition after years of trying "no soap" cleansers and prescriptions. After a year of testing, I found the perfect recipe with ingredients and principles built on the same process as the African black soap I grew up using. To support busy women in my life who wanted to simplify and improve their body care routine without sacrificing time, effectiveness, and quality. I reformulated the recipe to include luxurious oils with benefit and a feel to the skin.  My passion for clean body care expanded as I began to educate myself on the ingredients in our skincare products, especially as a mom with young kids.

At Leuna Botanicals, we believe in making your bath and skincare rituals something you look forward to, not just do because you have to.

We are a brand focused on sustainability by ensuring that all our packaging are eco-friendly.

You can also expect to find self-care tips in addition to occasional food recipes in our blogs.  Our passion is mindful care for our whole body. We would love to stay in touch with you as we add more information to our site. 


We believe that a daily body care routine should be indulgent and enjoyable for all skin types, toxin-free. 


We create thoughtful formulas powered by natural botanicals to deliver a pleasant experience.


Our mission is to provide consumers with a natural alternative to traditional body care products while also being conscious of our impact on the planet.