How To Test a New Product on Sensitive Skin

With so many skincare products available, it can be difficult to know which ones are right for you. Understanding your skin type is the first step to ensure that a new product will work specifically for your skin. Sensitive skin requires a careful eye for unfamiliar and irritant scents in products because a single ingredient can cause breakouts or irritation.

When you are looking for a new skincare product, one way to avoid the risk of a reaction is by testing them out first in small areas. To test a skincare product, dermatologists recommend the following tips:

Introduce only one new product weekly to reduce the chance of irritation and to be able to identify the issue quickly.

Apply the product to a test spot twice daily for 7-10 days. Apply to a small area of your body such as your elbow and repeat this process for at least 7 days. Ensure you apply twice per day to determine if a delayed reaction (delayed hypersensitivity reaction) develops.

Use the typical amount that would go into regular use. Leave the product on your skin for as long you would normally. If that needs to be on your skin longer than five minutes, like a lotion or mask - leave them there and see how things go!

Once you have confirmation that the product or ingredient doesn’t irritate your skin after 7 days, it is safe to apply them as directed.

If you develop a skin reaction when testing products, gently wash the product off as soon as possible and do not use it again. If you have a severe reaction, see your doctor immediately!